....every love tunes!! remind me of you!!

Every daily beats remind me of you
every love tunes just make me feel
that i am there with you..........
and then when it got to end with..
that spell...

My hopelessness taunts to that 
time and me that how come  I 
loosed you...is our life just
poured in those love tunes!!
or just my hearts dwells for you!!

Those coffee shop's were we use to 
spend that most loving times often
makes me teared,when the waiter..
use to ask me that where is that
BEAUTIFULL charm of your smile!!

Those being matter of crush
was drawn with time and now
i have stepped in the vein of
new rhyme...cursing that memories
that GLORIOUS small spell of mine!

..but that blame too to that time 
wasnt that effective to let my heart
 just feel! that you are miles apart
with some other hearT!!
           ....and still my love use
to search for rest!!..hearing every
love tunes...which use to touch my..
HEART!!...and i strive to get ME back
...........but still cant love some other

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