......i am in need of you!! :"""(

                    I  need you! I need you to be right
             here with me...to wipe my tears and hug me hard and                            
                   say that i am there with you!!....i am really
          in need of that sweet smile to see....to bring me back from
         this absurd heart!!....i am fallen and need to stood up again
                by healing my heart!!.....in all the wishes of mine I
         am just ending up with the thing that i need you on my part!!...
        And then when i am just feeling about the days and nights i am
                    just finding myself all alone ...striving with
           scar for those that love to heal my scar of heart!!.. those
                  scribbling is starting with i need you and ending
           with the...the WANT!....me in this loneliness is just being
                         present for you and again tearing off!!..
            .Tearing my pain which is still not lost!!.....I NEED YOU
                             and i m shouting this on top of my
                   voice!...as i am really fallen from heights!!....with
                        cuts and scars quite tough to handle!!
         I need to stitch up the pain like gentle!....WHERE ARE YOU
                 where are you please come and heal my heart!!
            ..I am fallen and i am in pain...i need your hand to rise
                     up again unstained!!....please come to me
                                                                                   baby i am in need of you and then when i am just ending this cry of heart.
                                                           I am again sitting with the thing
                                                               that you are not near with me too heal......i am shouting again with
                                                                   pain that i need you this moment to heal
                                                          but what should i do...TO HEAL!! as you are miles away from  
                                                       me and my heart is bleeding with spits!!
                                                         Oh my sweetheart please be near i am fallen!....i am low,i am
                                                                with myself and all i need is just you
                                                           to hug me hard and make
                                                                 me feel you near to me and i am not alone in this compass!!

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  1. @ertiqua thanks for your frequesnt reply!! m really too glad to check this!!!


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