'I' which always remains same in my mind...............yet its changes!!

Blessings of god, mom's care....there4 i was guided to be here...i was there with a short belief that..
'I' wud never change and i would be always just the same 'I'...
my beliefs my thoughts was all kicked,when i was again in my thoughts to think!!!
...i dnt knw what further will match with yours life but yea i do know it willl surely contain atleast one that will do match!!
...nd be sam ein u!!
yea i toooo know that time changes eberyting but thats what showed me that "I" was never "I" it was just always changed!! nd
changed and chenged!!... aso i am putting some cases!!
:- u never had raised your voice infront of your edler,anytime when u were small!!! but check what abt now???
:-every chide of elder's showed u care when u were small!! then why the same chide is taken as!! interfaring now!!..
...dnt u ever think how they got hurted by that!! that when they care!! its taking as interfare!!!
:-playing with meals!! have u ever neglected the meals when u where scolded!!! and the time is now that!!! u got hurted so much!! that u dnt eat dayd nd days!!
:-u never did joke abt any angeld then why do now!! and it depends on u that to whom i am saying angel1!
:-your thoughts as child wre always clutched to care and love for ur parents!!!..............what abt now???....think at which stages of care u tuk parents!!
:-your love is making you die for!!!.....what about those unedning love of parents and your family member which was everything for you when u where innocent!!1
:-and a big question just ask youself that how many times you heard the things of your mom and dad!! when at the same time u got a call!! from someone very special!!! of you let me be clear!! of gf......on opst side
.....so just check in yourself that what you have become and what you are now??
ask yourself.........u will just find that its just to dicieve your heart u always says that u are THE SAME ALWAYS!!!..........ND YOU WRE THE SAME

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