Its squeezed again.............with PA!N!! :""(

                Its squeezed again with anger to get that
                                  Pain of that rhyme!!
               Its throbbed again with words being sufficient
                        To kill in any “eon” of that rhyme!!
                    That impression is firm enough to fade
                                  Easily from mind!!
                     And its me who is standing in arms
            Of glory of the opposite state of SHE on ma side!!
                 Stolid was my state from past and it always
                              Follows me in every time
              And then I just fall down and tatter for the past
                                 And present of mine!!
       Wishes often started to rise again with matter of time
                      Which just remain as wishes as I had
          Now been addicted to this loving inverse of smile!!
                A problem of mine would always be mine
      I is the one who has to fight with the wrong spell of mine
      because its me only who have to stand in those chides of time
                         Standing in those knocks to rip
              Ma blood as its those tears drops are all lost
                            In the continuous fall of me
       From all the past Rhythm of that daily beats of mine!!
                          ITS squeezed again with time
                 But this time not BY “EON” of that rhyme
               This time by ME sucking ma life from hands
                                          Of ‘ME’

Its squeezed again.............with PA!N!! :""( Its squeezed again.............with PA!N!! :""( Reviewed by Sankalp Singh on May 08, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. u rock sankalp......congrats

  2. @vaishali well thanks dr!! for your awesome response!!

  3. woohoo...ur surely blessed wid creativity of wrds!!..keep it up...amazing dude..

  4. @shailsuta wowie thanks dear for reading it up hre means its great to check you up here!!!!


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