..pierced was my state....with bleeding heart :""((

Pierced was my state and bleeding
Was my heart. Cut’s was smiling with
Bloods which was there to………. be

Compromise yea I did it
But wasn’t knowing that it was
A start to a new rhyme of it!

Love hah yea I did it but
Wasn’t knowing that it will make me
To bleed with LOSS

Possessive yea I am and that only
Made me to irk….hahaha…was on
To see my love to share care with
Other loving heart…hahaha

M stucked in something which will
Stab me again and again with this
Dormant pain….I wanna tear it OFF
From this worst state of ma life!!

:””( I am crying, there is a sigh that
I will again cry as my best part is
Caring the unknown heart miles
Apart. It’s killing me its making me FALL

Can’t she know this thing
That it use to stab my heart <3
</3 Pierced was my state and
Bleeding was my heart!!

Can’t anyone hug me I need a one
In this fall…hah I am lost I am lost in
Some vein….wanna end this all with
Some drugs apart!! NOT able to get
Any solution for the this state of core!

Wanna bleed through all my blood
And END THIS EPOCH!! :””””( </3

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