................:"((( (smile faded with time)

Hurted state  of me in with
Hurted smile,hurted was me
And hurted again was m smile.
Eyes was again soaked with
The bleeding  of heart of mine!!

And that heart pain wasn’t
Understood by any one and
Every played with smile.Being
Used as a toy I was thrown again in
The wastage of life!!

I being thrusted again to the
Most dormant state of mine
Yea it’s my loving,loving state
Without smile as it never leave’s
Me even when my heart wanna
Give a ………………………..SMILE!!

Those state of me was “used
And thrown” with time that’s
What I got definition of nice
Friendship with a wicked smile!!

Hurted state of me in with
Hurted smile, Stabbed state
Of my heart was unbearable
And was killing with time..!!

Spell that magic which I
Needed to have just that smile
In ma hand, but it always used
To be swapped with TEARS of
.................“EON” of ma life!! 

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