SMILE....................with BLOODS!!

A smile to show you that I am all well
a smile on the things that i tried my best
best to make you feel what i hate and
never find it correct....this life to sweet to
bind me to livea smile to the stiches which is
sweet enough to rest.BROKEN the word which
i always use to describe my state CRUSHED
is my heart which always use to be THRASED
                              A smile for this unwillingness
to do and did for her best.A sweet state to
bring bring happiness of heart.A smile for all the
cuts which i have accepeted as my life.IT may be
wierd but its mine what to do.It hurts and I be hurted
IT pains and i be poured in that.I SCREAM to you
that please dont do this it makes me cry a lot
                             you reply that all well and u
understood and it wont happen at best.A smile tp this
pain that same job again done on your part
This pain is somewhat paten in my heart
                        This is me yea this is who
compromises a lot few tears and cry and me again
like stiff and unaffected heart.Bieng stabbed again
with task which is poison to me...and then again I be
fallen with SMILE to this hurt!
                        A smile to this state coz
I love you a lot. A smile to the pain coz its my possesives
work.A smile in my THOUGHTS that i cant share
not even your part.A smile to see the same care fallen
for some else from your heart!
                      I love this smile because it has been frndly
to my heart has came several time as gift from you to touch
my heart.TOUCH MY HEART in a sense that it get wet

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