....those tunes touched!!....and i still wondering was it TRUE!!

On the starts of every day
on the clicks of diffrent hand
on the tones played from miles apart
whichever whatever sooths my heart!!
                                            On every love souls played,
                                            my heart got drenched with some other
                                            magical taste......On the opening
                                            of this day i again woke up in some
                                            daily sort of play!!......................
Wishesh demand often Untrue
but yet it dwells and cherish to be true!!
                                            Have been addicted to some
                                            sort of love from you..and now that is
                                            always killing me through.....!!
My wish your demand,and my wish got
flooded away with the knocks of that time
Your heart your wish was all fulfilled as I
was caring to that extent which was never
ever being filled,,if it was turned to you from
my click!!
                                             That same was all near..I had to move
                                             on and leave you was all clear!!...Still
                                             evey love..tunes remind me of you!!!
                                             and now i am just wishing in the matter
                                             of tune which wasn't TRUE!!

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