.....u [:"(] u r still dwelling ma heart ...

Silently i was caring and silently was loving,just wanted to be true from my part..she asked me what u feel iz true!!...i fall on ma kness and spoke it from ma heart!!...yea i love u baby!!..nd u r dwelling my heart!!

..i was nw in need of 'she' again though was thrown out very rudely from last rein...wsnt ma fault wasnt me in any sort was just dis that ma heart!! Was thre toO possesive for her!!

What's love hah what it's value wud be left without that possesivenes of two couple with one heart! No i didnt wantd to enjoy and use in anysort!!

Bluffing to ma state,i pretented to cherish those silent talks,but indeed that love stops never allowed me to smile! Nvr positvly touchd ma heart!

Was tough to make her feel that what i meant 4m ma words,nd then i was blamd that i wasnt able to win her heart!

Yea i loved her and wantd to stay in her heart,bt that materialistic thnkng was jst kicking me apart!!

Came up with a quest that iz it jst me! Or all? Haha found that all are enjoying ths as a grffrnd/boyfrnd relationshp whch has been tough for my heart!

No i wasnt important,no i wasnt that! Gud person to be loved! But i had fallen truly all for her,

can i win dis in a form of true love nt ths in a way that i fight a lot!! Wantd to be all her's and was loosing that sweet share of love from her part!!

Hah,yea dis era,yea dis spell broked! Ma heart! Coz i nd ma heart! Has nw fallen for her,nd ths world! Jst enjoy that...hell relationsh(bf/gf) fakeness of heart...

Hah,was ditched! Nd was smiling on ma part! As nw it has been like this that when i luk bck to ma past! I find it me....with true love!!...whch iz still dwelling my heart!! :"(

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