Would wish to stand again from this FALL :""(

         Would wish to stand again form this fall,
      this life is just good to
        show me how it works.
My wish my heart wanna move with that
    wanna run from the shadow of pain and cuts!!.....
wanna run from these tattering of heart wanna run from this dormant
Its core wish is crushed alas
Its ashesh, after being
 burnt working at heart!!
Would wish to stand again from this fall
   This scars making me loose my part,
I am broken in the arms of love
Would wish again to blossom up
When my choice isn’t
 the choice of my heart
I wish to stand at edge with a new rise after a fall!!
Yea I am upto this taste of life I am irked with the every time compromise
Its needed its needed to run with cuts
But what to do if I am lost in the state of harassed heart!!
Would wish again to rise from this fall
Wiping the blood from cuts of heart
Would wish to stand
On the top
This fall is just good to show me
How it works

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