........yea she loves me!!

Spending my loving care in you arms
These sweet share of time taking
Away my heart, My heart wanna
Just squeezed and crushed apart
But not to bleed because now it has
Someone else in his arms!!

Love the sweetest share if fight
Day’s and night  were ending with
Beautiful share of smile….IT was new
Yet it was true and remained lied in this
Magical streams of fight in which i
Was in after bleeding for every chides

Yea she loves me and the same was I
But I possessiveness is killing me As
She never understand what I need
And feels as if she is all correct and true
On her side!!

No she isn’t as I feel as if she knowingly
Did,I am just now that tired to speak her
That baby all I need as you,plz don’t
Share and part of time with someone
Unknown as feel hurted to see you talking
To someone else as “ I have just you”

As I have just you,just you to
Share my thought’s and time
And feel jealous when someone
Else aquire mine!!

Possesiveness yea I am coz I LOVE u
Cant you feel that without that I cant
Love you!! If you say Yea u can than
Why your steps  dnt use  to make me
Feel that the thing which u use to say
Is true!!

My arms in rest to find you but this
Hectic fight has drawn you apart
From me calling and “No answer”
Have been that common to me
Why u can’t feel that………………
I need you

What if I stand in that same rhyme
Kissing the poison of time!! Beating
Myself with the worst cases if mine!!
When you feel that m useless for you
in your life……..!!

if I do the same I know the thing what
 it would happen those conversation do
end and I wouldn’t be in heaven…there
will be no reply to any point!!

And the day will just end in thinking
Abt you with the same bleeding heart
Throbbed again with time…squeezed
Again with anger to  get pain of new
TIME....all known to me from a long 
span of LIFE!!

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