.....have lost that sweetst share of ma smile!!.... :"(

...I donno what's that small thing which come to my dear 1's,
when i say that I am angry/hurted.....that they just take the step
THAt they R LEAving....rather than making it up and being happy again!! :'( :'/ 

Dnt they knw,dnt they care that what and how we shared our time!!
dnt they think that they are important,that what i told them in ma voice!!
dnt they get that I need then thats why i spoke!!...rather than i dnt..
then i could easily fade!!dnt thet surf to that old memories in which we
smiled together,dnt they get that thing that we wre just a good healer
to eachother!!
                             and culd never get that tears apart when we wre away from
each other!!....why they just step up with thought that its last!!...TXT or call
if that same glimpse of that unusual saved name!! bring smile on our face!!
which was very less in every chords!!was ma all love, ma all care so small to be
erase in from their Life :'( there thoughts!!.that they burst with a poison!! to make
me drink with that  going on epoch!!

Dnt knw what there heart think!,and still thinking that where was ma place in there heart
as i wasnt able to just stop!!...them as they wre doing such conspiracy in the same home!
.........I stud i! fall but i was there in every way!! to care
tried ma best to share and still if i forget then its nothing to say that 
m bad in care!!...i just play with that small share of ur heart!Dnt knw that its just me to go on with the same,
attitude to drink..the pain rather then speak up to ma frnds!!
As if i will they will just leave me!..and I will again be all alone,
to have no one to share!!...and to cry alone in that shadow's of ma own!
tears of past share!!....
                                  To loose you,would be rather bad then to just drink and say
that i am all finen nd not affected with that..small phase of that negative spellAs i knw,I knw the thing that i need u,i knw that u r important!,and cant leave without
even if it is matter of week or several rhyme...which u never tuk in a sense!...and said that
U R LEAVINg............and making me tEARED!!............. 

I still search the reason in evey season of loosing ma loving
memories of ma small unworthy life!...and then just tearing alone in
that Lonliness of being present with someone!..with someone's memories 
of some time!...
                       and then crying again that i wnt be now getting that joy
that happiness of ma such kind of beautifull rhyme which made me to 
smile even in the bad days of ma life!..which bring those diamonds!
from ma eyes!,,,for jst them for jst their own life!!.....   Nd now i have to make us ma
mind to live with this belief that those green leaves of mine have
fallen in this tearing autumn of ma life!!............ 

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