.....Its my hEArt )""""":

Its my heart…my same heart which took
Birth 8een yr b4 in some innocent hell,,to
Learn to beat..beat and pump and heal
From cuts….which pulls me down,, to fall
With love….!!

My eyes got wet in the matter of plee
On the same strucks of heart at different
Peaks,….time the things which never be
On my side to help to…say for what I need!!

My core was all stitched many times
Drinking different knocks of diff era
Of this worthless Life...and “time was d
Thing which never be on my side”..same
Thought which always kills!!

It has drowned from all the time…getting
Wet in every matter of time..from those
Strucks..those hard strucks of ditches and
Mistrust….in the same TIME…and what was
Never on my side…!! :’(

One was alive to do the stitches of cuts
D one was there to make me stand again
From fall…someone who always tries to
Heal my core…with love…and the best of

Those ashesh binded again for love…
From parts of stained life of hurts
Unstained the darkness of time..”which was
Never mine”..to the parts to make it mine.

Love which is now lost to the  thirst of time
which favoured for some…and made me payed
For each and every rhyme..its stages to
Run to the trueness of my heart..its love
Because it cant c her cry!!

It’s the edge of its end to HUgg tears
Of something true from all ma life….
I wish that it had few more days of smile
I wish that I was the lover of all the time
It’s a n urge to the wish that she was mine!!

And it’s the edge from which I need to say
Her bye!!...and accept the trueness of my
Life….to those squeezed cuts..of the life
To miss the healer of all time....

Time isn’t favouring me as it done in his
Past…and this is the epoch from which I
Have to fall

Its my same heart who have to beat
Beat after dieng in itself from cuts…
Pump those bloods which is already lost
From the strives of hand  which always
Soothed her when she fall………!! :””(

Its my heart…my same heart which took
Birth 8een yr b4 in some innocent hell..
Which was made by someone  as heaven
But now she is lost….and which brought
Just shadows of me on this earth…having
Nothing and no one to remember ME…
Because it has ALREADY LEFT All!!!

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