....ma heart being THROBBED again

A new update to the old state,few new points to make me broke with pain!

Few new wishesh again dwelling in wrng spell,of me standing in dis winds unfavouring ME

Making a mirror image of ma past! Ma present!standing again with it!..emotions of heart again pierced with dagger!nd that! Cry that shout iz all clear!

My heart has been throbbed again with what he HATES,few lies,few mistrust whch broke him with pain!

This storm,iz knwn to be sumhow,these winds are more friendly to me! Al what iz that! At first they were making me cry and now they are TAUNTING ME...

......have ths small wish to again speak alas,that falling down! Nd standing up! And again falling in a same way! Iz big pain alas!!...those wish nw mre! Active in heart!...

Wanted! To follow that uncertainity! To stop the beats of ma heart!!...leaving wasn't the solution of dis pain of heart!

But nw those scar's were all clear to,every unknwn meeting me on ma path!...taunt fun!..everythng to stand at last!

Fighting with such time was indeed a big pain,to stop it...it was nice click on! That cuts of heart! And it pained again...manytimes! In ma hear!

Those cuts where now speaking..wanted to stop bleeding alas! Has there wish to be bloodless to be defunct...in the end! Alas!

....glories of life tearing ma heart! Nd now this absurd state! Iz an deep pain for me! For whch i can shed tear atlast! Or wud throbb again ma heart!...so as he would loose all his BLOOD TO BEAT as he did all over his past!

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