"my heart got squeezed...loosing all his blood to beat"

My heart get squeezed,
loosing all his blood to beat,
on the taps of different feet,
that i always pretend i always cheat!!

My eyes are again filled!!,
with emotions that have made
his part in my life!!...with something
to tear..that i think can never be killed

My heart is again!! poured..
with something to think as my
all day just end with few blames
to be killed  frm my mind so dat i be chilled

My soul never pretend 
My soull never ever cheat!!
but i cry for those meanness
of people which can never be!!
cleaned!!.....thats what i feel :'(

those drugs were never effective!
they just kicked me in more pain
i cry for what i have done!!
which can never be changed!!
i was addicted to sumthing!! that
was too!! strng to be unstained!!

My thought often get started
with an unending time of
realising what i have done!!
to fade some of my pain....
and now i have stepped in 
someother................ vein!!

I am bound with my norms
I am bound in my pain!!
I am bound to my feelings
that i hurted every dear ones
which can never be unstained!!

I clutched to all the guts of mine
drinking all the poison of time!!
sucking all the happiness!!  which 
was lost but somewhere belonged

wanted to end my epoch of life
wanted to start from a new
side,....created the scene of
farewell inside ma heart....as 
there was knw one to support
me.........I WAS ALL LOST!!
(coz people took me what my oppnent talks)

Got few tears....which was all LAST
...my soul to teared as i was drawn
to negative path....my heart still wanted
to beat atlast...but the blood which it had
was..filled with..poison of this hell...compass!!

with all the venom i stepped!! alas
tearing the last tear for alll my past!!
....i ended with the statemen which 
i started!! so past!!.......
my heart <3 got squeezed alas!!
as it has lost all his blood!! to beat as
it has done all over his past!!


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