.....wasn't able 2 touch ur heart )":

Dis mrning started with the sorrow of that unbidded bye,
Dis day was the funeral of the silent cnversation
being stopped!The best in me,nt 
even win you to talk,may be u wre mre 
detirmined with ur thoughts Those parts the
phase where we share our thoughts,i blame
to God why it remains 
small in that part!!Loving 
was our talk nd cme to end maybe
m the nly responsible,bt cnt i deserve a..sweet blend 
to bid me bye nd cntinue ur trend!!See i love you,nd
i knw even u,cnt we ignore al smal fights thnkng abt that in mid i cried!!
Hah...the start of talks,tears in ma 
eyes,u wre sory nd 
i wasnt knwing why!
Bt cnt it remain d sme day with smile after those tears 
of mine...:''(The heart got melted again in night falling 
 in arms...nd dieng into to 
smile...bt getting none as ma 
part!!...as it was...a no reach of 
innocent me in your
heart ♥!! :''(

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