.....a wish for the bst part IN me!!..FOR me!!..a urge fo ma "MA INSTIL WISH"

:::>                 a!! wish to have that smile!! always there!!
                               a wish that i would be able to stare!!
                      a wish that this time!! of joy would remain
                           effective...every part every stairs!!
               a wish to!! just be right here to!! hug you with care!!
                          so as to get again that sweet smile!!
                                 which i love to stare!! :))


:::>                            A kind urge to be in with you
                                   a kind urge ti just see that..
                                    smile on the face of you...
                          this is world is too bad!! mae's u fall
                      with fear of that spell!! absurd!! the state!!
                    follows till that!!...miracle to happenn to get 
                   into back to that rhythm inw hich i LOVE to c you
              all at rest!...to this ure of smile!!..to this small spell
                              of life!!...i wish that i be the cause
                       to remove that tears!!from your eyes!!>....
            .i kind urge to be in with you!!! to BRING THAT SMILE!!

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