..........as.......ma Part

As drop searching for the main trail i am still sea
rching for the main path of this
hell life in this hell compass........
Want to be in your arms of love i am searching the ways to who that love.....
Heart all poured with "LOVe" i an searching
the ways to speak it without any effort......
As life always plays
with me i am searching the ways to skip that fall.......
I am searching the ways to skip that
missing essence which usually stuck to of when i be away from you even for a small part.......
As eyes always wants to
be in sigh of you, i am searching the ways to make it fool...as i can have you 24*7 to of on every part......
was SEARCHING the ways to be away from
you but you came all close to my HEART.....and now when you left.....I Am SEARCHING THE WAYS TO SKIP my beat, as its BEATING for you and making me
BLEED on every beat from my PART :""(

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