stepped again to the old FEEL!!

Stepping away to an unknown gleam
I was flowing away from my own hearts
Wishesh, this change wasn’t what I needed
But it do made me fall in thoughts to miss

Was away from the pings and left you
From that,Our thoughts always struck
Our heart always’s melt,My eyes were
Wet,core with flood..moving away from
You wasn’t that easy stuff!!

Was walking uselessly on the lonely
Road all alone..In thoughts of you
With falling tears by their own,I wonder
What ,made my heart to speak again
As it was all numb with its FeeL!! Buried
With all the pain of time!!

It spoke to its wishesh of cuts and stains
He cried after missing you again and again
It rained hard and I wasn’t feeling that
I am getting wet…as I was already  soaked
In my own tears all through…….

Breezes were making me shiver in
The same way as my thoughts were
Making me to…as if I was walking to
Ma last path to my last minutes
Depicted for you…….and then I GOT
Lost…..getting wet and I was able to feel
That again…((the same old PAIN))……!!! :””((

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