...tearfull ADIEU :""(

Smiling face,and tearing heart emotions all strong and making my tears to fall,maybe this is it, my fall, or may be the generous time is going to be now stiff and hard.....

It was the moments of smile from a long time and to loose wnt was known to me but was never ready to accept that time....

I already told wnt in thousand rhyme that i am too selfish dear,that's why i pulled you on my side..

Boys stiff to hold any pain on there part,to hold every hurtings on their heart

It just his restlessnes to share....without uttering a single word as the day he would speak he would surely make his love to tear and which would kill this HURTED HEART

Maybe thats what was the share of smile for him and he cal it with love as the best part....but he never was that bold to kill single chords which was all bonded so effectively with the partners heart

I skip my beat, i lost my heart it has already changed his name for you my angel who dwell 24*7 my heart

A layer of water cover my eyes in scripting the things the feel of my heart, few tears fall blaming my eyes that it cant even close its feel as he she would see she cry atlas.....

A smile as the demand to see on my charm but who knows the thing that i am hating the smile anywhere infront or ....back

My heart was all squeezed loosing his blood even to feel those lost tearss covered my face as its just the fall of me infront of her...i was dying inside but was doing every thing to make her show that i am fine...

Even heart was all knowing that its really tough for me to bear this fall as it was all seconds with her to care and love to understand her at seconds and sooths her heart

The lost tears covering that pain was all back, its me with selfish feel that i want her back but was numb..a smile a cheer a sweet bid of bye....

I killed my heart
I stabbed my feel , i was shivering in fear in pain of stream...

It was the dme of of and my heart was all lost with its beat that i cherished was all away from selfish deeds...

My heart got squeezed loosing all his blood to beat....as time was drawing her away from me not just 4m love but in matter of every plee

I had to learn to be now all alone in this hell FEEL ....aah feel was now dead and dead was the defination of me....i had to learn to live without there dwells...

Heart got the pain which i think was my last to feel...tears was my LOBE which was known that it would be all dormant for me...mind and heart was just thinking i wasn't expressing in any FEEL

A fake smile a sweet bye with all my luck to care and love her everytime ever seconds to be  all with you...to make your heart to BEAT!!
As i know that feel is sticked to me!!

Few tears to drop some intense  pain to feel!! tear sheding in stream when i turned my face from my only "SHE"

Which was today GIFTED from me to some other HEART

A FEAR to live and lead withouut she....EYEs melted HEART 3 throbbed and fear again....that!!



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