when your STAR changed the colour....[[for all the broken hearted GIRL...or the one who suffered :""(]]

I fall down on my knees
with ma broken heart...
and with all ma shattered feel..

i was numb i was in fear
something left me to tear
with thoughts & emotions
tearing at every motion

he spoked that TRUth
which got chnaged with TIME
his lies whre sweet & i got 
blown in that Rhyme.

Someday he asked he wanna
share his life,i was in love &
melted in his arms with a SMILE :)

He was a BREAKER...the lier
who killed my heart 3 
and i suffered with the reason
tough to hold in ma hEaRt. :/

with the tears in ma eyes 
I was shattered with ma faith
to this unworthy LIFE

i HAted all men...anytime anyhow
however most SWEET...to ma nearby...

LIfe gave me an examples 
killing the blind faiht of mine...
and everytime i broke up..with TEARS
when i think about

MY STAR who changed his colour
with his devilish lies...
thereby...ruining me & my LIFE... :"""((
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