The tale of passionate LOVE!!!!

that sweet breeze chilling me in the morn
that sun peeping from my window asking me
to wake up!!...that cellphone with unread
msg of ma swtheart!!

that feel in which i get my present
forgetting my past, YEAH!! that what which
give life to your DEAD HEART </3!! to beat
for the REASON to satisfy you & you feel WORTH!!

You,share all your talks..all your feels
whether in pleasant or in worst mood of

<<Few tears in her eyes makes you cry
what it matters,it feel like as if you
have your soul crying>> *you share your
soul as one...& you give it the name LOVE

you BREATHE for the sake you have to take
care of fall you cry!!
when she is HURT!!

this game of heart makes you fall you find
it difficult you TEAR apart...she holds your
hand,come closer to feel you BLUSh
and then be F9...thats the strength of LOVE<3

Smile as your lobe,reason is your HEART..
She is near which makes you complete,and
you fall in LOVE...

This love got spread in the veins of you
you BEAT you she feel
you get SHE call it the
understanding,which has now melted in you

Your love coome's on HIKE...and the reason is u
in that flame you get burn THROUGHOUT...
with the things which peeped in your HEARt
that you can't be like this all THROUGH.

This touched you this ct as a poison for you
your feel got stucked to some missing TUNE
ans she got upset & the reaon is you

Now she again cries,as she got hurt with the
new YOU!! But this time you dont fall as you
tried to do!! to raise your confidence which
can never be there for SHE to be shown.

She cried and you know and the more you cry!
in the INVISIBLE feel free to show
that you can be ALONE!!

That soul which use to be one!! is now killed by ME
which toxicate our heart with pain unbearable to
resist..THAT BEAT which use to be one was CRUSHED
by me...and this time i had no one to BLAME
as the reason was far away from the pasr <SAME>

She cried and cried for me to be the same!!
and i dont know what made me to fall with this

That love which we cherised was now to an end
that lost tune which soothed was shutting
down with pain!!

Tears did fall in this pain...and my HEART
do got squeezed and this time with tearfull RAIn
it was an end to my BEAT & THE THRUE ME INSIDE!!

This love was the eternal...for me, for my soul!!
My shadow needs something to persist with this PAIn
i falled in love with the REASON ME to be BLAMED.

Scribbling the case,now in rain,
Tears falling and the breezes are the same
That epoch of LOVE came to an end...
with no past love which iuse to toch in pain!!

No such nights with sleep and MORNING came!!
Messages sometimes FORWARDED with diff names,
& sometimes my cellphone in SWITCHED OFF STATE

TEARS keep rolling and days skipped....why the

reason still persist....why I cant be with SHe all
through the time I EXIST???!!! :""(( </3

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