.......this izZ mEeE

This is me..yea ths is me..
4rm all d tears of time..
moments arose in wich I needed
to hold you all throughout
wana take evry positve thngs in
my arms
I m nw afraid of this loneliness
nd yea I am wierd too bt wat to
This is me
Hating to see my dear ones to
spend time with others
hating to see unknwn with my
loving ones...This is me who hates
to share..Wat to do quite bad..bt
its me..
Being hurtd wid knocks
being kild wid d absurd states of
heart...ths is me
whoz hurtd with sm cuts of
heart..bt wat to do
quite ditchd with time its jst me...
just me in this arms f old times..
To that epoch of fall...i curse my life...this iz me who hates heart...
And jealous of many wild...
This iz me who flirts with hearts...as He was always Best in dat...whch was tagd as mine

This iz me...Selfish,impatient...broker..Rude...in d eyes of u...**

bt who knw dat dre iz a swt heart that emotional in trobbed...BEATING TO BEAT 4 U EVERY RHYME

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