...why i did???

May be its just me personally that bad...to bear something on my part.
Or, yea i can.,
but tears too can't win over the restlessness of my heart.

The lost cases was just worth to cherish,but i wanted just to slip that saddest part.its linked but having no guts to who over the insecurity of ma heart.

Maybe its of that bad to restrict you on your part,but the emotions which i have bounds me to do like that.

Few parts to skip and my restlessness is on,and you were not there,which turn ma tears on.

With the want of my smile,i shattered with time with all the love of mine.anger burst out,hiding my fear...my love for you ma loving dear.

I feel sorry! For the things which i did..with me in lobe..of tention,i just wanted my smile to PERSIST.

Maybe its me not the one you want!
But its me only who wants you every second with me when i fall.

I know that i was bad to speak.
But what lies with me in this epoch "ME" with an urge to "plz FORGIVE"
OR just of in d corner of my room
with tears rolling down my cheeks...

That WHy?? I DID :"(
...why i did??? ...why i did??? Reviewed by Sankalp Singh on November 11, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Hey Sankalp...u ryt really nice...u pen down so beautifully the emotions...very adorable...loved ur poems..

    but ya..dont u think its tym to try something different?? something more lively..?? in ur blog all i could find is a heart-broken person..glue it up...nd explore something full of life..and i am sure ur creations will be more beautiful than they are now..!! Try it..if u found me ryt..!! n ya Lovely creations..totally heart-throbbing..!! :)

  2. thank you so much mam!! for first of checking this!!>...good to see you here.....and agar mai +ve likne laga to mai apki wali area mein a jaunga hehe!! mujhe nahi ana LOL....MY blog is just an...VOICE of an heart broken CHORDS.....and yea will surely add up a new section off +ve poems....and...i am happy that i you wre able to find IT <<<<>>> atleast i am able to write my thinking!! :P

  3. i told u that day itself i'll visit...Kshatriyas always stand by their words..nd so do i...nd ya it was pleasure reading ur creations...!! :)
    I guess u r planning to b another so-called Rohan Rathore in different arena(i.e.,poems)..:D just kidding..whatever u do its commendable..!!
    Keep Going..!! :)

  4. ohh yea i am really..tocuhed with your comment...lolz you need to be there on fb to to be in touch thoda guide hota rehta is there any way to reach yea!!..if yes then do mail me on "stiffler143@gmail.com"....and yea i was really waiting for your comment!!.....and it was my pleasure reading ypur comment!!....yea if i can i would love to be....famous lolz.......

  5. So sorry for being this late..was literally busy wid many stuffs...
    yes ofcorse am der on fb..u can find me on sukriti.thakur@facebook.com...nd yess Congratulations...reason if u hv alredy guessed then good..else will tell later.. !! ;)

  6. thank you mam for the link!! lolz but i guess you have closed the friend request section of you profile!! so i dont knw how to add you there so in the meanwhile you need to send me the request!!: ))))))

    and thank you so so much!!!


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