I find no reason to skip from you :-*

...I still find no reasonm to skip from you
what made me to run from the eyes of you.

Which feel tickeled me to skip that beautifull lips!
That loss was mind and i missed.

"Plz hold me tight" you asked with love.
. I find no reason to speak that i won't.

You asked me to melt in your arms like i did..
.. I was stupid i neglected.... I was a KID.

That all feel what you need,would surely take you in my arms like i did..

Will kiss you for all the times which i missed.
..have to cover the amount of lost...mid

Have to hold you tight..like a naughty kid!!
I slipped from you!!
Was the reason i missed
have to cover the course which i slipped in mid;-)

I an held high with my thought...with the assurance of heart

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