i had nothing to feel ;) ;P

A story started with a noughty scene
she was sixteen and i was eighteen
the rule was away from the passing feel
we were kid!!....and God will forgive!!
Reaso was single but we melted in arms
love for the sake,we just wantedd to share
the cake...life was moving in this naughty race
I was the ruler she wasnt able to save
naughty scene and naughty me...who
d hell would cANCEL MY pleee...love
which we wanted to make up..was
moments apart....
the juicy surprise bubbling in my heart
ditching the case of my past...ditching
the girl who was last...I stepped agian to feel
the naughty LOVE...the drug for me
to LOVE that bad in single pleee
A sweet time and moment lost
and it lost.....BROuGHT the time with me
BUT in the end i had nothing to FEEL ;P;P;P
i had nothing to feel ;) ;P i had nothing to feel ;) ;P Reviewed by Sankalp Singh on December 05, 2011 Rating: 5

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