Rip me off

Rip me off from the matters of past
those reasons making me numb & those
flatterers from heart..with a blend in my 
          i tried to catch a new heart,
but life is so mysterious it use to clear the
shadows of past.

Rip me off from my dormant "PAST"
moments making me tear from my part
Reason still persist and i have to overcome
from my part.....
                           I will be like this,until i got a heart
Clip me again with a sweet heart...the love of mine 
needs to be sown atlast....

There is a wish peeping in my heart to take
her in my feel freee like past.

Rip me ofF from the stupid past..
wanna enjoy this time in being present 
for some heart.....

Life in presense of some HEART

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