To be in your arms like a did:-*

From my broken chords of last nite..
i cried n cried..with eyes full of tears!
Missing d case of last time when u wre near!!
I was shattered with the feel!
That its jst u what i need!...
How 2 cum close in ur arms!
I wish sum angel cud bring u 2 me!..
Wiping out d tears 4m my foolish thought..
I m still..thinking that my past night dream still persist..
To lie in ur arms!!
ANd melt like i Did...;-(

From my broken core...i am crying for the reason we had that fight...
I know the faults was with me, as i was use to of your love of the way it use to touch my life...
Last night was so wierd to live with the dream that you will be near:(

and with this thought only morning came....and i was still away from you my dear....

Just wanted to live in your arms...and was unable to see any other dear....

Last night was a taunt to my love....and i still have the dream to be in your arms like i DID

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