With the Ticks & Tocks

With the ticks and tocks, i was
skipping th beats of my heart
Don't know what's drawing me apart
the matters of past or the life 
approaching to my heart...!!

Sometimes it was tagged as 
coincidence of some part..and
sometimes it actually melted in one

With the ticks and tocks..
our heart got soaked deep in the feel
which we call as LOVE..away from the
rituals away from the fences of meanness
or MISTRUST..and shattering of HEART 3

Sometimes we were afraid for the way we
melted in eachother which touched us in
the way...that we know we cant

With the ticks and tocks...I was
stepping...to the worst of me  part
loosing ME on the whole...
Breaking my heart..3
As somewhere it was known...that
WE WONT be there together will be STEPS APART :""

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