from the norms of my feel

From the norms of my own feel,
I shatter down beneath my own plee,
I flickr for what to be my next step,
I burn down and exclaim whats the
Crap was that..!!!!!!

Relationship always end with things to bear PAIN
Those tearing eyes and the pain of heart,
Calls me back from the past thought to again that

Loosing you was the worst of me,
And i wish that it wont happen with
Any heart in any feel...,
It was a step to get your CRUsH!!

To beat around the bushes,
As you need that LOVE

Its just you that made her to
Shatter and fall,
She cries and you went stiff
And hard...
The more she calls you,
The more you run...
You shatter in your night and
Pretend to be stuborn.

You left her alone to cry,
And you calll it as happiness of life,
What's the deal..with present if you
Melt her LIFE...:''(

From the norms of your own plee
You shatter down with your own
Belief....its toucgh to slip..from your
own heart beat.

Someone will surely call you in her stream,
Eyes with the gleam to get you back,
Shattered heart..beating for you at best''
Bring me back that share as PAST

this is what your cuppie cake wants ATLAST''

relationship ends with things of pain....but who told that its easy to end.
..all the emotions of that REIN...

Love unleashed....:''''(((

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