....waiting at the end of the evening!!

Things went wrong....and heart broked!
few fights for the stupidity and even more!!

why things went wrong....
why you missed to talk to me...
why you were not having time!!
does my worth has lost the space in you!!
or i am adding in load in your life!!

emotions speaked up in my mind
and i wanted to come out of it
in dilemma of what to do...where to
go with this state....
heart melted up with this stuff and it wanted
to reunite again....
((when a girl love someone "he" is the only one which come's in her mind whenever something touch or HURT her making her to loose her smile...whatever or whichever reason may it be...even if it is sticked to HE))

i with confused state..of me at that epoch..
My hearts speech to endevour its words...
and things went wrong the next JERK..

He shouted at me that whats my LOVE worth
Whats that trust of me which doesnt hold you
with you stupid emotions...!!!

she broked up...with silence..
.speech in the middle of her talk
tears all over her face,,,,with the
knocks of her LOVE!!.......with the confused heart she was now HURT!!

She asked him sorry for whatever she did
((though she  tried to console within herself that she has to...deal out on her own without speaking it to her BEST PART,,,hitting up her soul..))

Another SMS of SORRY with tears
on the screen and in it....both!!
wiping up her tears she tried to be STRONG
A text came:-"BABy,i will see you at evening!!"
which made her soothed on her own...
((a girl smiles with a small loving word if hearts are linked with WORDS))

but who knows that tears will still come out of her
at the end of the....epoch...
rendering....the thought...that he didnt came 

she kept waiting with WIPING HANDS!!!

....waiting at the end of the evening!! ....waiting at the end of the evening!! Reviewed by Sankalp Singh on January 29, 2012 Rating: 5

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