the way you touched me down with LOVE

A little flashback to the glimpse of that time,
when you was there in unconsiousnes
wishing to hold me at every l9!

The day i kicked in your womb
you smiled and smiled and
the day was my existence
blooming up there with care and smile.

Those time when i use to flick you
with wrong which i did,
u scolded u beated jst 2
gve me d rite lane to be with!

At moments wen u starved
i was happy with the meal,
d moments i was dressed in
best with ur savings!

I was what and i am what is just because what you did...
to all the pain to all the sufferings
WE ur child can't utter a single prick!

To those time....
when i made u cried with the steps i did..
.and those time when i u MOM...
that i need not be with!

M sure that i wil sum day speak up wat i did...
But till its jst this THAT I LOVE you for the most for what you did.

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