She touched me with just her sigh!!!

At moments when she turns down her
eyes i start thinking that....what there 
which wanna make her just LOVE....LOVE 
that taste,that essence of the just
melt in my arms.....and give a beautifull smile!!

That moments her glitter...touch my nerves
i fall in a way that i get a small 
sudden her eyes get filled with love,which
somewhile i think fall down in DROPS....
                                             i make her feel that sweetheart it's nothing
                                             just a joke...........she come close with care
                                             and a lot more to bring me UP with 
                                             her LOVE to mock me DOWN with her gentle GLARE
That click of time,which i wish to freeze 
my someday, so that i dont
miss my LINE...

{dont you think life always take a turn exactly at that time when you wish that it would have never been like that...or its just that u dont wish for a change in to be}

that time can  never be the thing on which i owe
a someday it has to make me fall the
other for that i wish to take a turn
from the generous behold me in pain!!

                                                  to figure out what we cant decieve the wrong era
                                                  of our LIFE..but its never that sensible to choose
                                                  the way away from the things which you love..and
                                                  you call it the worst of you life.....

and then at moments you always just think about
the way SHE JuST TOUCHEs you with her sigh...
......and THINK the way you just IGNORED her
last sigh...with that gleam which was that 
strong to cry..that eyes filled with
teardroplets....& the way you indulge youself to be HARD & RUDE at that time!!

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