i can't point out!!!

I still can't be able to point out which one is better and healthy.....

These days life's rolling on in the best of charm, people say westernisation is affecting and all
.....YEah indeed at some extent it is...

day's when relationship like LOVE and all were carried on through just there sigh, terrace , and yeah for sure without touching has been carried to extremely different world to place....

these days its been a status for the one to kiss in relationship, or coming close, its common for people to hangout in malls parks or several other outing places.

time surely taking a turn with its taste and who knows when things like s*x & all will get common in India too while thinking for the back era...................................

you don't even need to think it was no match!!

it was my time only when BEST friendship was all known to me and as soon as i passed,kids were good enough to say those charming three words "i love you" even in the standard in which they don't even know what love is!! ;)
that's how things are advancing these days....and feel like its always use to be good to define your limits & barriers in a relationship....

or always think for the think MOST WORST which can happen with you
maybe....suffering from break UP after you kissed,

yeah most probably these things are getting head to head to the people passing intermediate,
they never use to be so sure of completing and carrying forward their relationship as things which matters the most is the experience of KISSING!!

at certain there are some HEARTS which passes this barriers and come across a time to carry forward their sweet relationship but then things which come is that whether they are going to be together in college also or they will in sort of distance relationship....
another phase of life which demands understanding at the top of limit!!

or sometimes another point when thinks like BREAK up takes place..... not certainly at this point but at the point when some one sees the new world its new charm and the way he/she get infatuated towards a  new heart!! who knows which taste sooth's at which time!!

may be sometime salty or sometime sweet!!

causes of heartbreak and all use to be the ever changing infatuation of people from one to another and you don't even know when you get addicted to some one else and when that past become no one to you!!

use to be easy while writing here but never for the one who use to BEAR!!

if talking for distance it always use to be that!!
what he/she would be doing?
where he/she will be?
hope that he/she has not change his/her priority!!.................and many more
and always there with the continuous thoughts of possessiveness which surely is loving if its at its limit otherwise its acts as...a pain!!.........which in end may affect with the same suffering!!

while when you consider for the people there in relationship who are together things like...hanging out daily and spending time use to be so common that sometimes even the couple use to think that's it getting a pain...
more fights
more sort of NAUTANKI ;)
and but obviously more love...and the cases of being addicted to each other 
so when issues come of separating things affect's MENTALLY

and obviously there are some hearts which cross all this and get together to the next phase of life JOB to tackle things in new way so cheers for them who did so......

which exactly speaks up that its never easy for a one.....to carry the LOVE In which he/she is rather then BEING in love@!!!
so celebrate for the thing that you share a deep love...and surely don't get addicted to the things before the exact time!! :)

so that the love which you once shared.......never be there in the pages of your diary!!..........DRIED crumpled and Crushed!!!

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