the two phases of life which i accross in everyone's heart

Whenever i fall in with such love
 i search for all the traces of you within me
 so that i could feel that I could breathe the scent
 and then i could take the airs in my arms
 in the same way as i Hold you!!

whenever i miss the traces of you around me
I take a break from what I am upto &
close my eyes to imagine in the way
that you are near to me....loving me alike

whenever there come's a ping on my cellphone
i imagined the way that freaky name tangled 
on the screen which i gave to you.

sometimes when i fall in the way never before
those traces of you within me demands me
to have even more,wishes explore me to go to 
that end which demands for you to hold me tight
every hand...

sometimes when i miss you...its not use to be 
possible for me to imagine in the way & console
my heart for the things that its nomral...
as a call from heart come's with the demand 
that you be near to me to HUG....

sometimes those expected never use to happen
& i feel that pain that scratch in my heart of
missing you when you use to be apart.......

 and for those sometimes i always use to be 
found within me getting strangled with the feel
of having you me with those skipping beat...
& tearing eyes alas...!!1

  • ((kuch anjaan jab nazron mein samate hai...))
  • ((ek unchuaa ehsas dil mein late hai.......!!!!))
  • ((rehta hun khamosh in ehsaso ki agosh mein))
  • (( par jab un ehsaso ki hi baten nazar aati hai))
  • ((to ansu bhi aks k sahare nazar ate hain..!!!))
by sankz!!

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