the way love touches you some day and take's you in arms.............

the way love touches you some day and take's you in arms.............

it was said someday that "love can happen anywhere,anytime and ofcourse with anyone,
but why,,??
you feel like this is the moment which you must cherish and you want that to happen....but what about when you ask yourself in concern with 'future'
many question's and...
somewhere i got a text that "to love someone doesn't means to commit with that person, its just that you need to have some connection's with that person"
i feel "why not the best connection"
Relationship ;)
its feel some or other while as a fruit to share,
few moments come's and hold you to the extent that you feel like nothing can be better then this!! ;)
same all the while with me tool...

but who knows that if you are into it and  you cant share the life with the one whom you falled for you will feel all of your life and each second in your life
Incomplete....and on whole like insane

who, some or other day gonna strive with love for love  as someday
-his arms was never vacant
-and he had always a place to go back to
-& always a person who use to think for him & in turn he use to think for!!

its not always that love come's with the warranty tag that 
you gonna get replaced or healed with the stuff

sometimes it also give's a kind off scar that use to be the best of all
and painful to suffer from ;(


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