Suspense....sometime's touch your heart

 its always with life people love something which they don't receive by straight hand....

so at moments it SUSPENSE which mock's you with love when you get from someone with LOVE

It use to time when people where innocent enough when we were kids...
We enjoy bunch of people around us at home, from our classmates to our neighbours we use to hang out for celebration of any special day might be with birthday or with some other occasion it was the time when MUMMA use to hold my hands and help me out in cutting the cakes and when it was my sis singing for me the loving birthday charms.

and now came the time all away from the past hangouts to the day
being alone with the nights
waiting for the calls seeking and wishing that all loving one to call you
when the clock ticks to 12 at night...
cheers and smile over the face with the lots of moment to love.....
it the only day when our wishes takes a turn and ask something with life

#may be the next year go loving or maybe the life be with happiness

but whose wishes dont knocks to that area that they get all what they need and deserve from life or what they dont even they even wish for that also....

so at times its like you demand some or other things from lIFE

so to get something on a wild afternoon day after you memorable one you really feels excited when you get a postman...around you with something to give me
i felt like its another daily stuff something from the college in my holidays!!

but it was rather something more than that
a white envelope with someone named with S from somewhere L

so a mere small surprise even touch you at heart and you feel like IMPORTANT....
nothing such concern that what i got after opening that for even carrying a parcel gets charged by bloody bastards Couries service even much lolz ;)

but its obvious that surprises with suspense leaves you with love.


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