when obstruction comes to the door of your mind

when obstruction comes to the door of your mind

when obstruction hits the soft side of the mind
life rebirth gets stucked with time...................
                                             there is more then sufficient things here around us to blame for
and as per human belief its obvious that they revolve on the side which is deficient or which they lag.
So here is the next upload in which the loving pages got burned in the anger within our heart.

the place where a son beated his/her mom to a limit.

I am not here to basically write for the things that these steps which someone tooked was right or wrong but the main things which is hidden in this is, the approach of one's in anything for his/her benifit.

Riot the words which hits your mind and gives the sense of negativity around you usually strucks your mind for  finding out the main cause or the reason behind this.
And the things which in the end comes to be the main reason use to be just a curtains over the belief and wants of every individual person participating in that for his/her own profit.

may be it starts from getting a few time at hand to relax or sometimes enjoying the fun of breaking things and all around as in life you wont get much with such opportunity \.......yeah "thats what they call" this 

the time to have fun breaking the infrastructure around or hitting the financial juncture there close to you,

anger the soul cause of this is never controlable and once it got mixed with fun....then it brings something more then normal time limit to get end with it.

"the comes just one question........what happened to the grown up and literate heart"

and the answer just use to be in the way to seek and seek from the day to day life of yours!!.....

"share your ideas to stop this....or your incident which happened so that we can add something more in making our words mean "

to "what I wrote"


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