The story around typical side of tention

The story around the typical side of tention,

College...something which you call it as the golden days of life,
where you circulate your ideas from the region and rein of
schooldays memories to the side of  something which you
seems or IMAGINED as something big.


a rear view of the personality which you gonna inherit in future,

Common,with all.....means some or other while people have to be
there in this life.
They have to feel like, they are in a competition
where people are just there with their facial expression only not
by heart.

Its the time when you get the best with the stuff, of gaining
the nature which gonna help you to boost your life... to the side
of....there at some, corners of road, aiming high just with
words..taking puffs of cigrate and exhibiting your dreams
in those smoke....or "with the those shots of alcohol in the glasses".

Not more but common with some, who just take a taste and get
addicted, to some day they start being in the some
place bunking the college....coz"LAST NIGHT was worth chilling,in the party at disk...with
bums & vodka shot' cheer for what's life is" side's some get addicted to the drugs which make's them "BUG"
or the other side some loose their consiousness to the other side
with the drug named "girl"

its then,
when you feel like,
Classes are worth a waste....because things which
hacked you at that instinct of time
"was her beautifull smile,by which you got drawn to her"

and then what,
its was time when you started noticing her
"there with glossy lips,hairs curled...that kajal on her eyes......
and that pink accessories summing up her charm...!!

A new blend in the air of college life...
spending love...for the thing which you call it as love...

But for how long...

because someday you really feel hecked tensed...
when you get a phonecall #home
mom:- are you  studying?
:-how was your sessionals?

(sab kuch sahi to hai na waha?)

a litteral common words from all the mom's @college life.

and then the cycle again circulate to that side,

when puffing up became the reason #controlling tention...
i dont exactly know form where the heck this came into existence
BUT JUST KNOW THIS IS COMMON ALL THROUGHOUT.... it come at times when you dont exaclty be satisfied with the
place where you live...not because its worst..

but for the sake that "you never tried with summing hands to raise its standard"

because...its more often the common state
that you enjoy @hostel more lovingly then
attending some conference or seminars...for
which the sincere comments come "who the hell gonna get bored for that much time " :)

(i am not in the favour to this, neither i am on the side of management...but i just say that we are equally involved in all the stuff.)

and in such depression the only thing which come's to you
is being NOSTALGIC....
thinking about home & home ATLAST
or the time for which you are trying get placed for jobs!!

not for the things that you just wish to get placed
but for those time

"when you soothed your family that
mam & dad "i am doing this with my interest & i am gonna
do well in this"

plz allow me for this...

or for that time when you initiated
"that dad don't worry i can manage my study on loan"
and will pay up all....."

because its obvious that some or other night
when you fall down...on bed in low streams

its just tention which touche's you in the best way it can!!



(willl continue further and sorry if  i have done any mistakes)

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