When she asked about the way I am!

..................when she asked about the way I am!

a perfect thought to get started to know you,about
what you are ?

at times my mood swings down to the side which i am not supposed to struck,
from the loving charm over the face to the side where only one wish supposed
to be there which, drags me to the side of being rude to things, and acting like.
what i am?

 who knows the fact of whats happening there in their life?

the same with ME,

don't know what i want and even don't care about whats love ,
its just...the cause of this modern society that....with loving instinct
if you wish to create space for yourself in someones life then,
then being more then a friend is really important because now
a days.......

people are damn interested in running behind there infatuation......

who knows that the opposite sex with whom you love to spend time...will
someday wont be available to you for your stuff....

who knows...?

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