Dealing life in the way we wish

when motivation becomes a strap of pain.
when comparison hurts us more then the mere normal pain.

Life teaches a lot from, 
standing up to our own leg 
taking birth from womb.

A lot from breast feeding state to food. 
From the taste of getting something with tears.
2 a new state with pranks.

but what if SOMEONE say that "we can't do it"
its just the faith which requires for us to excel
in any field. Not the demotivated captive soul.

So stand for the thing which you feel like
you are good in, even if people tag someone
else much better then you. Because each
one has been gifted with something damn
good which even they don't know.

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

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  1. ahh..'comparision'
    the mst irritable thing that sucks me everytime when smbdy starts cmparng with others..

    1. Exactly its really pain to let other understand that "dude if you can't help me to boost my moral then please don't let me down by adding notches in life "


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