Framing our HEART in CLOUDS

For u!
I wish with love encircling ma mind! 
U think 4 me in d passing time!
U smile & in turn even i smile!

Wishes in threads got knitted up with time!
Decision's remains your's & we enjoy our life! 
So that its just me in the end when u look back with smile,

u pull me with love 2 walk parallel with u! 
My care which use 2 b d shadow of U
get plural ed! With love of mine 2!
I wish that knitting stop dis time!

 So that when feel that pause!...
I find u side by!
I smile with love,
looking at the sky!

Framing my heart! With the..soothing touch of sigh..
I wish with love encircling my mind!
May time be month's change!
And even year's don't play any naughty game! :")

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

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