When u there in arms

When you are there in  my ARMS

When u there in arms of sleep,
my care be the pillow in your arms beneath
I wish that i gently run my hands in your hair's,
to sum day u feel that there is someone 2 care.
I wish to just glare that innocent you,
 who would  be flying in 7th heaven ! 
Passing d dreams through! 

Wishes do get stretched taking a look of u, 
as 'tis always so loving i can even challenge u! :-)
may be if i fall asleep watching u!,
i know i would b there in just your dreams loving u!
But that never use 2 b d case, on my side of heart!

As reality gives me better start!
I always wish to give a beautiful. Smile 2 u, but it can never b better den u :)
u open! A eye and then two, checking d state that if m checking u!
U blush with love if u find me there!
And i always love this moment of my loving glare! <3

<> © 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh</>

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