does blood relationship counts everything?

'life always remains same,doings always are same but why blood relations counts everything,i hate this damn thinking and doings.'

once upon a time there was a girl named Ena who was living there in her relatives home,for just preparing for futuRe as to b a bright 1, at that place there was her cousin sis(lilli) the daughter of the owner.
Often in every works Ena was never praised for her doings for her help and all,but even if a small thing is done by lilli it becomes a cause of talk to b praised everywhere. . . . . .
From any household work to anything even now when there comes a turn to gift any1. .even if Ena did her best in that. . . comparison do always just make lilli crowned. . . .in the talk of her every1

does the close relationship of blood overcomes the best!!

Does the try of heart nothing in front of close ones!!

Does she ever felt that if that heart will know . . which kind of pain she will suffer from. . .
Do every emotion counts zero in front of close blood relation . . .
I CRY :'( IN Thinking About THAT... :'(

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