Who is your enemy?

Who is your enemy?

A simple point for an observation, I am not onto the side of firm which is
Not at all interested in the growth of students in any cultural field but,
I am neither standing in the part of those good for nothing students
Whose always complaining for the things where they are,

Life usually run on what you gain from it, not on what you loosed In your past,
And so I am here not to be sad for what I lost, but to atleast rejoice in the
Moment for what I have.

Its rather an easy task for one, to always complain on the things,
That dude this is not right, college never offers sufficient things
We are screwed over here,

Ahem, I am just here with a question for them
Do they want their professional Graduation to be just
Remembered as with….whole list and lots of complains
Which they have against their college….hahaha

Don’t cry for what you missed because you actually have,
Live your present in the way which sooths you, so that
You can atleast shape your present.

If you don’t have to, just think of your friends even
For what they are working hard, not to win the events
But to make you notice with the fact that they are worth winning.

We don’t participate for just fun, but actually we participate to prove.

“A performer is nothing but a mere waste if he don’t have someone to observe that”

Think about it, whose your enemy your college or  your friend whose trying hard for you
Enjoy the time of events, by being there to fullest, don’t be sorry for you are un comparable with other places but , prove to the place where you are,


Enjoy your FEST.

© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh

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