The reason its still you

Its somewhere the same night,Sanya-Khomenko-Romantic-Photography01
When I just felled on my bed,
with some memories of yours
to feel its essence, with love &
Unending time of desires………

Which just meant to be fulfilled
in your arms, may be by that day
or some way later.
Its somewhere the same urge of spending
all the spell of my life,
breaking the norms of the society
with the feel to endeavor missing you
all through my future.
This is it, the fear, of most of
loving tales, that once we find
it difficult to link up with any heart
& once we are in it.
Its even a great pain to step apart.Maybe  someday when you will come
up, with parents talk, when you will
finally cut the threads of knitting our
future at last.
Its at that time when you will finally,
speak that the reason is me,
To love you with such heart…..

where leaving each other, become the pain,
which is dormant in future, without having
the reason of being in,
because somewhere it was the decision
fulfilled with our combined thought.


  1. I loved it! Very beautiful. :)

    1. Hey hi Vani,
      I am really glad that you loved the post :)


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