Fall of a HEART


“life something which you entrust the most, always come with a lot to  mould you down with a dreaded heart.”

What you exactly feel in this respect?
you always move on tracking up your traces from the crest & trough ,which you meet there in your running time.

Optimism is  fact which boost your moral, but what if you are there filled with pessimist approach,
What if, when you are falling there in your curriculum to get that what you need?
what if time isn’t there on your side and you are getting beaten by it.

it’s always two side of single coin, once you are on the top shaking hands with success and the other time you are just there on the ground getting beaten by it.

Its been a tough task to exactly carry a optimistic approach for anything wrong which is happening around.

And once you loose that moral its always a thrust of fall of heart.

*may be at the time of recession.
*may be when you are breaking up.
*may be when you scored  less.
*or when you lost something.
*or else when your hard work is not fruited in the way you wished.

and so for all the time you just come up with a single hope to succeed with the name of God.
Something which gives you positive feel, to let you heart/soul enlighten with single spark of faith & hope, with the thing that yes you are capable.
To change your time, in the way you love & you want to live.

I cheer for the one who have already built this in their heart & hope for the one (who havn’t) that they will surely learn how to beat time in the way they want.

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  1. i think god is taking ur exam or somethg...d hardwork u did was not enough for him..so he is preparing u to do more n next tym give u d blessings n fame.....

  2. well i dont actually care for that seriously :P


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