The talk within ME and You...(the patience and LOVE came to the spoon feeding of the thoughts that who you are)(A talk with my IDOL)

With the sweet urge of LIFE to know who you really are and what's that which makes me to follow you and love you so much!!......IS IT JUST MY FAITH

or is it that YOU R OUR
and i love to have the one who created the best of LIFE'S
human being as my IDOL!!

THE day I DREAMED about my beautiful conversation with YOU

the day ended with the same daily strucks of LIFE with times beating fast to knock up with this mordern world beating the pace ofF!!
and then came the loving night to satisfy our thirst of rest with LOVE

THE moment i lied i jerked to sleep tight....and it was night where the wishes of my whole childhood and past came to an end with MY BELOVED in my dreams to satisfie ME
i was able to see that angel figure there from the distant in his clear aura of that positive GLEAM!! 

A sweet smile encircled my face that he has came a long way!!

He told me HELLO! son! and i kept mummed for a while for the reason that i was astonished with his beautiful sigh!.....and moments after this surprised state faded with the gleam to know him.....

I:Why you took so long to see me :) as it was from childhood that i was dreaming to know that who's you!!. As my faith lies in you!
GOD: oHh my dear small  little kid i was busy for controlling the enhancement of the place where you lived :)

my question where not to short to end
I: asked him again that "you say that you are there in our heart but why don't you stop when we do something i thought that we are the puppets with the strings there in your hand....and had a feeling to be always right.....away from the wrong deeds of LIFE :) "

GOD: with a sweet smile on his face....he tapped on my back and smiled again with love...and begain with his statement DEAR..YEAH i posses the strings of your in my hand....and yeah i be in your heart all the time...the air you breathe is because the reason is ME

but my son there is somethings that you have to learn with you FEEL
you are my child and you will always be
but i will just teach you to be right with the way
you fall...and yeah you will surely see the things that
with your positive FEEL!!

i wasn't sure that i was satisfied but i cared to move to some other plee as it was just today from years that HE HAVE HEARD ME and will take too many years to make him come back and talk to ME :)

I:i stated one thoughts which hurt me every time that "why people are just concerned about the wrong side of the COIN ??

its just the love of people and FAITH which binds us ALL

GOD: he answered me with LOVE that sweetheart i use to make everyone with the same love and deliver them my own LIFE :) its just the time which endeavour's the CHANGE in the TASTE of LIFE, i made them to think i made them to love :)
I showered my blessing's to sort out what's wrong and what's right!!

It was just the air of that surrounding which made him to change his LIFE :)

I: those things touched me and i was moved by IT.........and those chariot's of question got drawn to another side :)
it was me again with the question that "life always remain same doings always remain same

but why blood relation's counts everything???"

Is it just the BLOOD RELATION which COUNTS
GOD: he tapped on my back again with love and moved his hands onto my hair with the things as if how childish was my question in those sweet rhymes....:)

I: i wasn't able to judge what the situation was i BLUSHED with confused beads..and tried to cover up the old question with the social needs :)
that "isn't in too much for an innocent heart to BEAR"?

if you will see all around you will be able to find many peoples crying & suffering and you will be able to find thousands innocent heart fighting against death for their livelyhood

that was indeed my last urge to know because there where many times somethings which hurt me to know that's what that create the balance of LIFE :)

GOD: HE smiled again with the thing which i asked and told me that SON i guess you have studied those norms of LIFE so lovingly :)HE stated his thoughts that its just that the DEEDS OF people count to ME...and i USE TO SPRINKLE,THE next LIFE calculating to those DEEDS :) 
GOD: SMILED again....and  answered me with the FAITH that i will understand HE SPOKED TO ME THAT SON its just the count the reason again as the things you DID over the past you will have to pay them alas :)
i was satisfied with my talks with my idol of LIFE he....told me everything for which i STRIVE ....REASON'S may be many that i FOLLOW his PATH
that faith which has been generated in mecan be never DRAWN APART :)

i spoke these things to him and ended my part.

.....HE smiled again andsaid that YOUR SOUL 

has BEEN


from past!!

his aura got increased andthe 


him  HIDE<3

it was the DAWN from the night and i woke up with smile...that the things which i wished has ended in this way :) 
with the things of MY WISH & LIKES :)



© 2013, copyright Sankalp Singh
The talk within ME and You...(the patience and LOVE came to the spoon feeding of the thoughts that who you are)(A talk with my IDOL) The talk within ME and You...(the patience and LOVE came to the spoon feeding of the thoughts that who you are)(A talk with my IDOL) Reviewed by Sankalp Singh on May 22, 2013 Rating: 5

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