Rugged Pain


Summer is not away,
I here those empty sounds.
Those creaky thirst enchanting
Round and Round.

Rugged in some naughty Game,
My heart feel some drastic pain,
But still that creaky thirst enchant
Round and Round.

Away from the aura OF life and LOVE
Mysteries always leave me amidst
In some thoughts, and the heart
just enchant about the love within.

But someday rugged in some thoughts
We need to move our hands around.
Away from the miseries of Life,
Away from the tears and those heartbreaks

We need to move on & on
Deciding to what our future holds,
Rugged in the pain and LOVE,
My heart enchant the same old
Feel of failure and that’s when

We feel the source,
We feel the love within,
We feel the pain……

And Round and Round come to an end.

Gifting the best to the Rest.
Leaving what is ours for the Destiny’s Sake.

Moving hand in hand in future in some Rugged PAIN.


© 2013 copyright Sankalp Singh

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