My Nose Knows

Imagine about that day when you missed to use your deodorant/perfume before going out and the moment you are stuck somewhere in the traffic jam or subway and start sweating. Sooner or later you realize that your body odor is irresistible and you start cursing yourself that why you missed that.
Man faces this issue all along that they really have to think always about the way to tackle that, so that their stench don’t bring something bad for them. I personally kept a track on all the product which I have used lately in my life just to find out which one of them are the best one to tackle that. Last time when someone in the office was trying to find something in the bag, I was just praying that he doesn’t get a hold on my perfume bottle in my bag, sounds funny but yes, it’s a problem of every man but still we avoid committing.
sniffsniff-blogpost1“Who is stinking?
I, no not all” that’s what I said to one of my classmates back in college when he said “dude, why don’t you use a deodorant or something like that” I was embarrassed at that moment but I tried to save my ass from letting the moment go.
But yes, it’s not always the case with men’s I remember one of the reason of getting over my X was that I didn’t liked her body odor, instead of feeling romantic when I was close to her, I felt more like puking on her face. It may sound harsh, but yes, you can’t really avoid that, not when you are feeling so high in love and your partner is not fit to show that love for.
We just started dating and we were planning about our first meet, you seriously need to plan your things when you are living in a distant relationship, things were going well in place, I liked talking to her knowing her, I was interested about knowing everything in her life.
But in reality  you can’t plan for a thing with a girl as the things will always be under consideration once & for all. So I planned to give her a surprise visit and that’s when I used a help from one of her friends.
I planned a few things out for the day, to share some lovely talks over coffee and then a movie as a dessert at the end, I was not in a mood to watch that movie I don’t know which was it , I guess it was Rowdy Rathore (“Ps don’t try to judge me, as no other movie was available at that hour”), I was planning for something else may be a kiss or a smooch , I mean I was not that desperate but yes who won’t enjoy one.

I leaned my head over her shoulder and continued my talk, when I first got struck me that stench of her mouth, I took my head off, and fought with my inner consciousness , am I really going to kiss her, am I?

But can you really fight that male instinct, I came close to her again, she was sitting on my right, I leaned my head, and the distances in between our lips were closing down and the closer I got that peculiar smell of her mouth started hitting me,

I really can’t, I ended up kissing on her cheek and took my face off to the left and started talking to her keeping a distance and I believe that was really the last time I tried kissing her.

PS “That relationship of mine only lasted for 3 months, and the above happened in the second month of that relationship”.
If she could  have brushed well or would have taken a center fresh before entering into the theatre my kiss count would have been at east plus one today
There are certain things which you can do to avoid smelling bad ,
1-At least Wear clean clothes

2-Take a body spray with you where ever you and spray on yourself occasionally

3-Spray some body spray on your clothes before you put them on in the morning

4- Let the soap soak in when you apply it while taking bath

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

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